Healthy Living Tips  |  Posted 07.12.16

Hydrate with Flavor

Hydrate with Flavor

Typically, an 8-ounce glass of water a day is key to staying hydrated and keeping your body in check by balancing all your electrolytes. Plus, as we all know your body needs water to survive [Although we can go three weeks without food, the human body can only survive around three days without water].

Drinking the same amount every day can become a chore, especially when water can have a bland taste to - ultimately leaving some to reach for the high caloric, sugar-packed juices or sodas instead.

So how can you give your body the proper amount of water it needs if you are bored with the stuff? Well, by adding a bit of flavor.

Any combination of fruits, veggies, and herbs can liven up a simple glass of water. Although lemon and lime are some of the most common fruity additions to water, mint and cucumber are some other options for a cool and refreshing taste.

Keeping your body hydrated means balancing the water and sodium content in your bloodstream which prevents dehydration and fatigue. The best way to do this is through water, as this is what your body craves for best function and health.

Water is also great for your skin. Since fruits and veggies also assist in making your skin look more hydrated and have water content on their own, a combination of these in your water just provide it with an extra boost.

Fruits and vegetables burst with fiber and other vital nutrients for the body, so adding these to water before or after a workout can also be beneficial and make water a little less bland. This combination can assist in energizing muscles by balancing electrolytes and preventing any muscle fatigue. Water also aids in proper circulation as the hydration allows the heart to pump blood more freely and with ease throughout the body and to the muscles.  

The benefits to water are undeniable, and adding some new flavors can give your body extra nutritional and health benefits, in addition to some enjoyable new experiences for your taste buds.

Click here to find recipes to add flavor combinations to water that will wow your taste buds and make water a little sassier. 

Krissy Lane